Mini Critic: A Teen Who Loves Art

Paris climbing Mike/Doug Starn's "Big Bambú"

Paris Starn, a 17-year old student at the Packer Collegiate Institute in New York City, may not be an artist, but has still found a way to be involved in the arts. Coming from an extremely art-centered family (father an artist, mother runs an art organization), Paris has been tagging along with her parents to events and artist studio visits for as long as she can remember. In addition to art, Paris enjoys fashion and baking.

What do you love about art?

A: Art is a reflection of life or the way the artist sees it. Their creations give you a new view from their own perspective. It’s like the artist takes you into their own life.

In what ways are you involved with art?

A: I’ve interviewed artist Tom Sachs for Opening Ceremony’s blog ( I also run a studio visit club at my school called Relational Aesthetics where I take a select group of students outside of school and into an artist’s studio. I really enjoy visiting galleries and museums during my spare time. I’ve learned a lot about art through my parents. My father’s an artist who works along with his twin brother (Mike and Doug Starn), while my mother runs a non-profit arts organization (Creative Time).

Who are your favorite contemporary artists, and why? Any least favorites?

A: Hmmmm…I guess my favorites would be Tom Sachs, he makes is own products by taking cheap materials and creating objects commonly thought of as expensive (i.e. digital cameras), and Will Cotton whose a fantastic painter who uses candy in his pinup/romantic paintings of women. I also enjoy Marina Abramovic and Jenny Holzer‘s work. I know I’m forgetting a ton, but that’s who I can name off the top of my head. And for my least favorites, I never took the time to learn their names so I have no idea.

If you could have any piece from any artist (not just contemporary), which would it piece?

A: Theres a lot I really want right now, but I think the thing i want most at the moment is a Will Cotton painting, specifically one of his cotton candy clouds.

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