Daniel Gordon

Daniel Gordon‘s art, a cross between collage and set-up photography, usually centers on the human body and the discomforts of having one.  Born in 1980 in Boston, MA, Gordon got his BFA from Bard College and MFA from Yale University. Gordon has had solo exhibitions at the Zach Feuer Gallery  in New York City, and the Claudia Groeflin Gallery in Zürich, Switzerland. His work is also in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art, New York. Gordon’s work is innovate yet low-tech, and usually begins as internet-based images constructed into temporary sculptures, which are then re-photographed for their final presentation. Most recently, Gordon had an exhibit with Talia Chetrit at the Tony Wight Gallery. One particularly interesting collection of Gordon’s is “Thin Skin II“, which depicts the body in extreme situations. i.e. a woman giving birth and a man hiding under a table during an earthquake.


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